Berry Island Parts Inventory

10 Feb

 Until I get all my inventory put up on the store side, here is a (near) complete list. If you see something you want, contact me. I have images off all my parts.                                                                                                                               

1939 Olds 4d RR qtr trim -Small outie ding in the tip
1940s bumper id -Surface rust around bumper hles. Lot of spotting on pass end. 2 bad spots driver end
1946-48 Ford headlight bezel -2 dings near screw hole.
1946-48 Ford taillight and bezel -Glass lens. Some marks in the bezel.
1946-48 Ford turn signal lens and bezel -Some wear in chrome. 2 dings near screw hole. Screw needs extracted. Lens is glass.
1947 Chrysler side trim -Some dings and dents. Mssing RF hood trim.
1947 Chrysler Windsor Fluid Drive 3rd brake light cover -Badly pitted
1948-1952? Ford Truck turn signal lens glass -Trim is tarnished
1949 Chevy 4D LR gravel shield -Pitting
1949 Chevy truck front grille -Needs refinished
1950 Dodge headlight bezel -dg 1239407 gb15085 some pits and blemishes
1950 Mercury hood emblemPitting and its losing some of the gold plating.
1950s Buick hood emblem -Light pitting Emblem plastic is there but backing plate is not. PN 1339347
1950s GM lower splash pan -ID. Some surface rust on the backside and under the rolled edge. Light marks.
1950s Hudson letters -Unknown year. Pitting
1951 Ford taillight -
1951 Packard backup lights -No cracks
1951 Packard interior radio speaker cover -Chrome in good shape other than light pitting.
1951 Packard interior rear domelight cover -Light pitting. Some fade in the lens. This is the cover that goes in the back seat, above the rear window.
1951 Packard Utlramatic script -pitting and broken
1951 Pontiac trunk emblemLight pitting. PN 514686
1952 Ford truck gauge cluster -This cluster has not been tested. Light marks on lens. Some surface rust.
1952 Mercury 4dr side trim -Not complete set, missing r dr piece. A few dings, some scratches.
1953 Dodge trunk handle trim -PN 1332740 pitting and oxidation. Includes gasket
1953 Ford taillight assy Chrome has pitting and rust. No cracks in lens but the chrome extension has bubbling from the silver adhesive.
1953 Hudson Jet hood ornament -Pitting all over. Top piece is missing and there are cracks where it was mounted. PN 235810 and CB22019
1953 Hudson Jet horn ring -Some pitting in the chrome. Center plastic has cracking
1953 Hudson Jet turn signal assemblies pair -Average marks and scratches. Lenses have cracks on the inside
1954 Chevrolet belair trimLight marks no dings unknown which side
1954 Chevy 4dr gravel shield LRPitting
1954 Chrysler trunk trim -Locate.
1954 Desoto front bumper -Core quality. Dents along bottom. With brackets
1954 Desoto rear bumper -Core quality. Surface rust. With brackets
1954 Ford 4 dr rear door trimpitting. One ding.
1954 Oldsmobile 88 taillight lens -2 in stock. Some light marks. A little inside heat cracking. GUIDE R3A-54.
1954-54 Chevy door handle -No key. One bolt broke off. Looks like driver side
1955 Chevrolet taillight assemblyHole in red lens. Pitting in the chrome trim.
1955 Chevrolet taillight bezel -I believe this to be from a 55 - it has the indentations that go with the band for the backup light. Part number 5945612. 
1955 Chevrolet trunk ornament -This came off the trunk lid of a 55 Chevy. No plastic insert. Some pitting. Posts are there.
1955 chevy hubcap -Dings and dents all around edge. Some in center
1955 Ford battery tray -Light surface rust top measure 10 1/4 x 5 1/2
1955 Ford taillight assemblies pairChrome trim is pitted and peeling. Some tar on the lenses, One housing has a dent in it.
1955 Ford V8 emblem -Average amount of fade and pitting
1955 Nash license plate holder front -Goes with bumper
1955 Olds 88 taillight lens -
1955-56 Ford Town Sedan side crest -Some light pitting on the edges.
1955-57 Chevrolet truck front fender LH back half -Dogleg. Some surface rust
1956 Chevrolet steering column collarLight marks. PN 3713579
1956 Chevrolet taillight assy Reflector missing. 1/8 crack in backup lens. Pitting. PN RH5947170.
1956 Chevy bumper guards -Pitting dents and scratches. Core quality.
1956 Chevy moustache bar LH -PN 372197 Some pitting and crazing
1956 Chrysler Newport/New Yorker glovebox lid -This came off of a 1956 New Yorker. You can see that the paint has faded and there are some scratches. A little surface rust on the inside. No key.
1956 Chrysler Newport/New Yorker hood trim -Some pitting. No center emblem.
1956 Chrysler Newport/New Yorker trunk trim -Lots of pitting.
1956 Chrysler Newport/New Yorker turn signal stalk -This came off of a 1956 New Yorker. There is pitting on this stalk. May work on other years.
1956 Chrysler Newport/New Yorker wheel covers 15" -These are decent, not perfect. The usual nicks and scratches. One cover has a ding on the center edge. Center plastic has faded some.
1956 Chrysler trunk emblem -Pitting
1956 Chrysler wing windows pair -No delamination.
1956 Ford taillight lens -Light marks. No cracks in lens. Some chipping in the inner ring.
1956 Ford turn signal assy  pass sidePitting top and sides. Lens has some cracking and a hole in it.PN BJ-8206-A
1956 Olds 88 taillight lens -Scatches, heat cracks inside Guide R3-56
1956 Pontiac 2 dr side trim -4 pieces. Door trim good, one of the panel pieces is dented up.
1956 Pontiac door scuff plates (2) -PN 3716532 3716531 pitting
1957 Cadillac hood trim -No dings. Some light damage on pass side underneath
1957 Chevrolet  BelAir wheel cover -Scratches and marks. Some dings.
1957 Chevrolet Belair 4d side panel trim -Light marks and fading. Sold 650, put up other pieces
1957 Chevrolet pickup 3100 side trim RHSome pitting PN 373304 10936
1957 Chevy 4 dr side panel -Fair cond, need cleanup. Pass side Belair is damaged and missing Chevy Emblem.
1957 Chevy bumper bullet driverFair cond. Lt marks and scratches. Stamped L
1957 Chevy hood jet RH -Pitting.  Pn 3738985 jet 3738984 RH base
1957 Ford dog dish hubcaps -Surface rust and pitting. Will need to be rechromed
1958 Chevrolet trunk emblemUnknown year, just guessing PN P-3709625-C-1 Pegs are there, lt pitting 
1958 Chevy backup lensGood shape. No marks. GUIDE B7-58
1958 Chevy front windshield corners -Pitting
1958 Chevy wiper base covers -Pitting
1958 Edsel 4D front door trim -Pits marks, one has a ding on the end. One has spots from concrete?
1958 Edsel driver side inside taillight assy -PN emr 58ffa13504-c pitting in chrome top ridge of lens has chipping
1958 Ford truck gauges -These came out of a 1958 Ford truck. They have not been tested
1958 Mercury headlight bezels (3) -Chrome in good condition. Light pitting.  There is a 4th one somewhere
1958 Mercury hood pull handle -This is from a 58 Mercury. Average shape for its age
1959 Cadillac bullet taillight lens clear -Very good condition. Some light marks.
1959 Chevrolet Impala wheel cover -Scratches and marks. Some dings.
1959 Chevy I/B/B headlight bezel RH -Dings on outside edge. Pitting.
1959 Edsel dash corner -Light pitting.
1959 Edsel headlight bezel LH -Pitting
1959 Edsel side letters -Lt pitting. Post broke off E. Find ED
1959 Edsel wagon taillight lenses -One lens has a few small cracks. CRST-58
1959 Ford fender mirror -Pitting in the chrome. Some delamination in the mirror glass
1959 Ford Galaxie headlight bezels -pitting, pass bezel has a dent in it.
1959 Ford Galaxie/Ranchero backup lights -These came from a 1959 Galaxie. There is pitting in the chrome. One of the lenses is broken.
1959 Ford speedometer -
195X Chrysler product front bumper upper -CHECK YEAR. Light marks, surface rust inside. Bubbling around the driver side inside bolt hole, a little less on the passenger side. CHECK WEIGHT
1960 Chevrolet Corvair hubcap -Some light scratches and pitting
1960 Chevy truck speedometer -speedo needle broken off, have taped to back
1960 Chevy truck taillights pair -
1960 Dodge emblems -(2) pitting
1960 Dodge radio delete plate -1901789 pitting
1960 Dodge Seneca fuel oil temp amps gauges 2 pc -Untested
1960 Dodge Seneca hood emblem -pitting in chrome
1960 Dodge Seneca script -(2) pitted
1960 Ford Galaxie taillight lenses pair -One has a chip out of it. FRST-60
1960 Ford hubcap -Marks and scratches
1960 Ford letters -Average cond
1960 Ford taillight lensMarks and scratches but no cracks.
1960 Ford Thunderbird ashtray from console -
1960 Ford Thunderbird hood ornament -Some fade and pitting. This is the emblem that goes in front of the hood C0SB-8259-A
1960 Ford Thunderbird hood ornament -Pitting
1960 Ford Thunderbird mirror driver side -Some pitting. Mirror has a little delamination
1960 Nash Metropolitan spare tire mounting bracket -The year range is around 58-60, the car was hard to identify. Needs refinished.
1960 Nash Metropolitan spare tire mounting bracket -The year range is around 58-60, the car was hard to identify. Needs refinished.
1960 Nash Metropolitan taillight lenses -Light marks
1960 Nash Metropolitan windshield trim chrome -The year range is around 58-60, the car was hard to identify. The chrome shines good but you can see that there are dings in the trim, so they are not perfect. 
1960 Rambler American bezels pair -One is dinged up
1960-1966 Chevrolet truck taillights pair -Average wear, some pittting and marks.
1960-64 Chevrolet Corvair speedometerNot tested, with auto shifter 
1960-66 Chevrolet truck fender brace pair -EF-2256-R and EF-2265-L
1960s Ford stepside pickup taillight lens -No cracks. Marked Grote DOT 9130
1960s GM wagon rear bumper -Surfae rust around bolt holes. Surface rusr in corners of lpa. Light scratches
1961 Cadillac fin trim -Ding in one piece
1961 Cadillac grille and bezels -Missing outer brackets. Light pitting.
1961 Cadillac hood trim -
1961 Chevrolet I/B/B taillight lens -Fair cond some inside cracking
1961 Chevrolet Impala backup light lensSome inside cracking in the lens TMC804
1961 Chevrolet Impala grille -Fins are pretty straight. Plastic emblem iis al bleched out. Pitting and dings
1961 Ford dog dish hubcap -Scratches and some dents
1961 Ford Fairlane 500 script -Pitting in the chrome. Posts are there
1961 Ford Falcon front fender horseshoe trim -Not dinged up. Missing lower trim left side, includes lower trim right.
1961 Ford Falcon horn ring -Pitted in chrome. Plastic retainer not broken
1961 Ford Falcon speedo cluster -Fair shape for age. Not tested. Fade in needles.
1961 Ford Falcon taillight lenses and bezels -Damage to bezels. Cracks in one lens.
1961 Ford Falcon washer bottle -See Clear. Not tested for leaks. Not brittle. D59
1961 Ford Galaxie c pillar base trim -From fairlane 2 dr sedan. Some pitting
1961 Ford Galaxie C pillar stars -Plating behind the plastic is bleached out
1961 Ford Galaxie rear quarter trim panel RH -Top half looks good, bottom half has some perforation and dents.
1961 Ford Galaxie script -Pitting in the chrome. Still has posts
1961 Ford Galaxie speedometer -Not tested -PN  C1AF-10841-BW bezel
1961 ford hubcap -
1961 Ford interior door handle -
1961 Ford letters -
1961 Ford Thunderbird rear window trim -Light marks
1961 Pontiac Catalina/Ventura rear quarter trim stars -Light pitting. These came off of a Ventura. Five are good, I have the sixth one but it is broken.
1961 Pontiac Catalina/Ventura taillight lenses -Only 5 available. Some light marks.
1961 Pontiac Ventura 4 dr ht side trim -Not a complete set. Don’t know which pieces are missing. Windshield trim included.
1961-65 Ford radiator tank -Average rust and corrosion not tested
1961-70 Chevrolet outer door handle driver side -Light scratches and pits. Should fit GM products through the 60s.
1962 Buick fender trim driver side -Scratches and some dents
1962 Buick fender trim passenger side -Scratches and some dents
1962 Buick hood trim -From Lesabre ithink 58 1/2 long. Pitting. Pn 1350104
1962 Buick Lesabre fender trim pair -No dents
1962 Buick Special bumper brackets -surface rust
1962 Chevrolet Belair side script -light pitting
1962 Chevrolet BelAir side trim -Pitting. PN 4837367
1962 Chevrolet I/B/b headlight bezel driver sidePitting and faded. Some dings and sratches.
1962 Chevrolet Impala interior door handle passenger -Scratches and marks
1962 Chevrolet Impala taillight w trim -Some light pitting in the chrome. No cracks in the lens and bezels. One trim piece has broken screw holes.
1962 Chevrolet Impala/Belair/Biscayne front bumper end passenger side -This is from a 62 Impala 4 door. Scuffing on passenger corner. There is a slight dent on the top edge of the bumper. You should be able to see it in the pictures.
1962 Chevy ash tray -
1962 Chevy Impala fender trim Pitting. Could be L or r
1962 Chevy Impala taillight trim ringLight pitting
1962 Chevy inside door handle RH -blistering
1962 Corvair taillights -Rough shape but not broken
1962 Fairlane fender ornaments pair -Pitting
1962 Ford Falcon horn hub -Average condition for its age. Some light pitting
1962 Ford Falcon taillight lens -Average condition for its age. No cracks
1962 Ford Galaxie console cover rear -Light pitting. C2AB6504736-A
1962 Ford Thunderbird headlight bezelsLight pitting. PN C2SB-13052- A (both)
1963 Buick Riviera turn signal cornereing lightLens not cracked. Spot on top to the left of center. Guide 4B SAE DP 63
1963 Chevrolet Corvair headlight bezels -There is some pitting in the chrome. The lenses have inside cracking
1963 Chevrolet Corvair license plate frame -Scratches and marks
1963 Chevy Belair bumper front -Light scratches pass corner, 4" scratch pass end. Lt mark in center, 6: roc
1963 Chevy headlight bezel RH -Pitting
1963 Chevy I/B/B headlight bezels (2)Pitting. Peak on the right side is higher than the peak on the left so they may be driver side.
1963 Chevy truck taillight lenses pair -Light marks and scratches
1963 Chevy truck turn signal lenses -Average condition for age. Some light marks and pitting
1963 Chrysler taillight assembly -PN 2243136 pitting in chrome. A few marks in the lens
1963 Ford Falcon headlight bezels -Good condition. Light marks and pitting.
1963 Ford FS seat corner bracket -C3AB-6262198-AW 3 in stock
1963 Ford Galaxie door handle scuff plates -Light marks. 2 R 1 L
1963 Ford Galaxie fender spear RH -Light pitting. C3AB-16A100-B RH
1963 Ford Galaxie fuel door cover -Good shape 2 in stock
1963 Ford Galaxie grilles (3) -Marks and pitting
1963 Ford Galaxie hood pull emblemPitting. Paint faed  C3AB-8216-B
1963 Ford Galaxie rear taillight trim piece - Some kind of filler piece. No PN
1963 Ford Galaxie taillight lens -Light marks, light pitting on chrome
1963 Ford Mercury armrest RH blue -Decent shape. C3AB-6224144-D
1963 Ford Mercury rear armrest red RH -C3AB-5427540-FW
1963 Ford rear view mirror -No cracks. No base.
1963 Ford Thunderbird fender trim pairBoth sides. Light marks, a couple dings
1963 Ford Thunderbird hood scoop trimLight pitting pn C1SB-16A752-B
1963 Mercury Custom script RH -Light pitting. C3MB-16098-C
1963 Mercury dog dish cap -Soft dent
1963 Mercury FS dash control bezel -Marks, pitting. C3MB-6204393D
1963 Mercury FS taillight assy -Light pitting. No lens. JC D60153-401
1963 Mercury FS trim panel fins -Light pitting. C3MB-54291A 5 in stock
1963 Mercury FS trim piece -Dont know where it goes
1963 Mercury Monterey gas door -Scratch right side. M -IA 20663
1963 Mercury taillight assy -Light pitting. No lens. JC-D60156-401
1963 Mercury taillight assy with lens -Pitting in chrome, no cracks in lens
1963 Plymouth Fury taillight assemblies pairPitting in the bezels pn 2422671 L and 242670 R
1963 Plymouth Fury turn signal lens -Fading and inside cracks. Broken screw hole
1963 Rambler Ambassador power steering horn ring -Some pitting. pn 293312 3166991-2 found 11.18
1963 Rambler Ambassador taillight assy pair -Pitting and cracks
1963 Rambler Cross Country wagon taillight lens driver side -This came from a 660 Cross Country wagon. I can not tell you if it is the same as the sedan. Average condition, no cracks. SAE DEST 63 AM~HL
1963 Rambler door handles pairPitting. Guessing year
1963 Rambler speedometer cluster -This cluster has not been tested. Light marks on lens. It came out of a '63 Ambassador.
1963 Studebaker Lark backup lenses -Chrome backing is bubbling up
1963 Studebaker Lark Cruiser 4 dr misc side trim -Cruiser trim LR quarter, curved front fender trim, misc side trim. Dings and dents
1963 Studebaker Lark V8 turn signal lenses -These came from a '63 Lark. One of the lenses has a lot of cracking on the inside.
1963-64 Ford Mercury spare tire holddown bracket -Needs cleaned up
1964 Buick  LeSabre quarter extensions -
1964 Buick LeSabre front bumper -Clean, some light marks and scratches.
1964 Buick trunk lock -No key
1964 Chevrolet Impala center trunk trim -Average condition, there is a gouge near the center and the piece is slightly bowed in the center
1964 Chevrolet Impala/BelAir/Biscayne backup light assembly pair -This is from a 64 Belair. Some surface rust on the inner ring. No cracks in lens.
1964 Chevrolet Impala/Belair/Biscayne turn signal lenses -Average condition for age. Some chipping on the edges, some cracking on the backside
1964 Chevy Corvair brake clutch pedal assy -Surface rust no cables
1964 Chevy Impala front bumper center (110) -Ding 4” right of center. Scrape 6” from pass end
1964 Chevy Impala front bumper end driver side (111) -Scrapes on corner
1964 Chevy Impala rear corner trim pass -Pitting denting scratches
1964 Chevy Impala window crank -Good cond light pitting
1964 Chevy Malibu front bumper -Surface rust inside. Marks scratches and light pitting. 2 in stock
1964 Chevy Malibu front bumper -Light marks. Spots of surface rust in lp area. Surface rust backside.
1964 Chevy Malibu rear bumper -Replate has not been hung. There is some bubble spot on driver side face.
1964 Chevy wagon taillight lens -Guide 1A . Some over spray. No cracks
1964 Chrysler fender script -This came off the front fender of a '64 Newport. Light marks and pitting but not bad.
1964 Chrysler Imperial grilles pair (156) -Dr side trim has hole. Trim tarnished
1964 Chrysler Newport hood trim center -PT # 5716973 some bubbling along the sides.
1964 Chrysler Newport/New Yorker grille -Some light marks and pitting. There is some bending on the driver side edge of the grille
1964 Ford Fairlane taillight lens -Lt marks
1964 Ford Falcon backup light -Some pitting in chrome
1964 Ford fender mirror LH Marks and light pitting. No cracks  in lens. C4AA-17713 A
1964 Ford fender spears -C4AB-16178-A-RH,C4AB-16179-A-LH
1964 Ford Galaxie fender spear leftLight pitting pn C4AB-16179-A
1964 Ford Galaxie fender trim RH -Some fading and marks. 3 dings on left end by the door.
1964 Ford Galaxie grille eyebrow -Not sure if L or R. Dings. 
1964 Ford Galaxie rear trim panelPaint fade. Ding on bottom
1964 Ford Galaxie speedometer -For parts not tested
1964 Ford Galaxie tailight bezels -Faded chrome
1964 Ford Galaxie taillights pair with backup light -Average condition for age. Some light marks and pitting
1964 Ford Galaxie wheel cover 15" -Decent shape considering its age. Some light marks and pitting, center plastic has some fading
1964 Ford Thunderbird center section -
1964 Ford Thunderbird headlight bezel driver side -Average condition for age. Some dings and pitting. C4S7-13064-A
1964 Galaxie grille scriptGood cond. Light pitting and paint flecking
1964 Mercury FS gas door -Lots of scratches. AA04586-3
1964 Mercury FS rear panel trim end piece -Light pitting. 2 in stock
1964 Mercury FS taillight assy -Light pitting. C4MB-13440-A
1964 Mercury Montclair wheel lip mouldings front pairSmalal dings along edge. No dents screw holes intact
1964 Mercury taillight assy -Lens broken. Reversable for R or L. C4MB-13440-A
1964 Mercury trunk emblemPitting and paint fade
1964 Rambler Classic/660/Ambassador headlight bezels -
1964-65 Ford Falcon backup lens -Average condition for age. Some light marks and pitting. Part number on lens is SAER64FN.
1964-65 Ford Falcon convertible top motor -PN ESO-4001 12V tested did not turn *look for part*
1964-65 Ford Falcon rear quarter skins -LH and RH
1964-65 Lemans outer wheelhouse LH -Taiwan made GL042L ow-850 goodmark 4330-675-64L
1964-65 Pontiac Lemans outer wheelhouse L -GLO42L
1964-67 A body inner wheelhouse RH -Goodmark 45030-670-64R
1964-67 Chevrolet v-flag racing flag front fender emblem -This is the V-flag emblem used on V8 Chevrolets from 1964-1967. Average condition for age. The paint has faded.
1964-67 Chevy Malibu gas tank brace pair -pair- Goodmark 4030-745-64
1964-67 Chevy Malibu trunk floor brace -unknown part #
1964-67 GM A body battery tray -GM2995112
1964-67 GM A body floor to firewall panel -Goodmark 4030-6515-64L Surface rust 
1964-67 GM A body floor to firewall panel RH -Surface rust from storage. Goodmark 4030-515-64R.
1964-67 GM A body floor to firewall panel RH -Goodmark PN 4030-515-64R Surface rust
1964-67 GM A body floor to firewall panel RH -Goodmark PN 4030-515-64R Surface rust
1964-67 GM A body inner wheelhouse RH -PN 4030-670-64R
1964-67 GM A body trunk floor brace RH -Goodmark 4030-740-64R
1964-67 Malibu trunk floor brace RH -Goodmark 4030-740-64L
1965 Buick turn signal lenses -One is broke. Go with bumper
1965 Chevrolet Corvair full wheel covers 13" -Some light marks and pitting. Some dings
1965 Chevrolet Corvair headlight bezels -Light pitting top edge of both have slight damage
1965 Chevrolet Corvair taillight lens and bezels -with rings screw holes are broken off. one backup lens is cracked
1965 Chevrolet FS turn signal lenses -Pitting. One has slight crack 5956277-2 and 5956277-4
1965 Chevrolet grille script -
1965 Chevrolet IBB bumper ends pairLight marks and pitting
1965 Chevrolet Impala backup lens NOS -The box is pretty beat up. Some cracks found in the clear lens.
1965 Chevrolet Impala front bumper lower splash pan -Some rust behind the bracket mountings, no dents.
1965 Chevrolet Impala taillight lens NOS -Part number 5956328. The box is pretty beat up.
1965 Chevrolet Impala trunk corner patch -DL 83A RH
1965 Chevrolet Impala/Belair/Biscayne headlight bezels -Light pitting. Not marked L or R
1965 Chevrolet Impala/BelAir/Biscayne taillight assembly -Some fade but not cracked. The bullet point has lost the chrome plating.
1965 Chevrolet Impala/Malibu wheel cover 14" -Decent, not perfect. Some dings and marks. Center plastic has cracking.
1965 Chevy  Impala glove box lid -Was once blue, painted black (badly)
1965 Chevy Belair rear bumper -Two quarter size dents in the passenger corner. Dime size dent 10" right of center. 8" scrape on right bumper end. Small dent and 4" scratch on driver end.
1965 Chevy F/S taillight assy -Pitting in the bezel. Chrome has peeled of the center point. Some fade in lens
1965 Chevy full size bumper center -rechromed and not hung but has been in storage for a while. Surface rust inside and small spots on the face as well as scratches. 
1965 Chevy Monza fender emblem -Average condition for age. Some light marks and pitting
1965 Chevy rear bumper w brackets -Dent pass end. dent 15 in fr dr end on front edge. some chrome has peeled away from the license plate area. some dimpling on the ends from being pushed. 
1965 Ford Custom taillight assemblies pair -Average condition for age. Some light marks and pitting
1965 Ford Galaxie headlight bezel LH -Poor quality. Gouge in upper right corner. Surface rust.
1965 Ford Galaxie hood trimA couple dings
1965 Ford Galaxie LTD taillight lens -With backup light SAE-TSDB-65FD
1965 Ford Galaxie turn signal assemblies pair -There is some pitting. The lenses have inside cracking
1965 Ford interior door handles set of 4 -Light pitting
1965 Ford letters -
1965 Ford letters -Average for age
1965 Ford Mustang bumperettes -
1965 Ford Mustang front bumper -Verify. Surface rust along the top and on the inside. Core quality
1965 Ford Mustang tailight bezels pair -
1965 Ford Ranch Wagon taillight lenses -Good condition for age. Not faded or cracked.
1965 Ford rear trunk ornament -some light pitting
1965 Ford Thunderbird driver door handle -Pitting
1965 Ford Thunderbird rear center section -Scratches and marks.
1965 Mercury full size spinner wheel covers (2) -Some light marks and pitting. Some dings. Center paint has faded
1965 Mercury full size spinner wheel covers (4) -SET These are decent, not perfect. The usual nicks and scratches. Fading in the painted center, no spinners.
1965 Mercury Monterey taillight assy -C5MB 13440 A L or R. Pitting in the chrome trim.
1965 Mercury Monterey taillight assy lower -T65A MY Slight pitting in chrome trim
1965 Volvo 122 horn ringSome pitting. Paint fade. Guessing at year.
1965-66 Chevy full size quarter panel LH -New but surface rust from age
1965-68 Chevrolet full sz floor pan LH -2 in stock surface rust
1965-68 Chevrolet license plate bracket - 3 -This should fit model years 1965-1968 that have the hinged bracket on the bumper
1966 Chevrolet armrests blue pair -Pads good cracking on panel side
1966 Chevrolet Belair Biscayne rear bumper center -Surface spots of rust scross the front. Surface rust inside. Ding 7 inches right of the license plate area. 2 smaller dings at 5 and 7 inches to the left of the license plate area
1966 Chevrolet Belair/Biscayne trunk trim -This is from a 66 Belair. The trim piece is straight and undamaged.
1966 Chevrolet Caprice taillight assy pair -Bezels have some pitting. One lens has a chip out of it. PN 5957715 and 6
1966 Chevrolet Chevelle trunk floor drop off LH -Goodmark 4031-73-66L
1966 Chevrolet door handle -
1966 Chevrolet I/B/B headlight bezel -fading, scratches
1966 Chevrolet Impala/Belair/Biscayne trunk emblem -Some light marks and pitting. Some paint fade
1966 Chevrolet Malibu bezels -You can tell from the pictures that these are a little rough. A little out of round and some dings. A workable part, especially if you don't have any.
1966 Chevrolet outer door handle LH -
1966 Chevy door handle driver -Pitting
1966 Chevy door handle pass -Pitting pn 4745T4A
1966 Chevy full size inside bumper brackets -Surface rust some grind marks
1966 Chevy I/B/B speedometer cluster -For parts, No bezel or lens
1966 Chevy interior door handle -
1966 Chevy truck wheel arch RH -New
1966 Chevy trunk emblem -Complete a couple pits and fading. PN P75-84412-C-1
1966 Dodge Coronet front fender trim LFFlexing from removal
1966 Dodge Coronet grille center barPitting
1966 dodge Coronet turn signal assy pairInside cracking in right lens. Left lens has a 1" piece broken on the inside by the headlight
1966 Ford c pillar scallops -blue inset
1966 Ford front fender emblems -Light pitting, color fade
1966 Ford Galaxe turn signal lens -Scuffing, scratches on face
1966 Ford Galaxie 2 dr C pillar scallops -Blue vinyl. Have 2 sets
1966 Ford Galaxie headlight bezel LH -C6AB-13062-A (L)
1966 Ford Galaxie headlight bezel RH -average shape
1966 Ford Galaxie headlight bezel RH -Good cond lt pitting C6AB-13062-A
1966 Ford Galaxie taillight bezel -
1966 Ford Galaxie taillight lenses 2 pair -
1966 Ford Galaxie taillight lenses pair -
1966 Ford Galaxie/LTD rear quarter C pillar trim scallops -Very light pitting. Vinyl color is blue. This goes on the C-pillar, behind the rear window.
1966 Ford horn ring retainer -
1966 Ford mercury sw trunk light -
1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass headlight bezelsPair. Some pitting. Left one has a crack in it.
1966 Pontiac Lemans headlight bezel LLight pitting. Left side. 2 in stock. pn 9782753 L
1966 Pontiac Lemans taillights pair -Drivers side has a piece broken off the inside edge.
1966 Pontiac or Tempest Owner's Manual -There is aging as you can see in the pictures. The inside of the owner' manual looks good, not marked up. 
1966 Rambler taillight lenses -sae-dbst-66ac-hl  edge cracked on lh lens
1966 Rambler V8 fender badge -Guessing year PN 3554054 UNIVEX
1966-67 Chevrolet Chevelle El Camino trunk floor drop off LH -Goodmark pn 4031-735-66L
1966-67 Chevrolet Chevelle Elcamino outer wheelhouse LH -4031-675-66L
1966-67 Chevrolet Chevelle fuel tank brace -Universal. Goodmark 4030-745-64 2 in stock
1966-67 Chevrolet Chevelle trunk floor dropoff RH -goodmark 4031-735-66R excludes wagon/elcamino. 2 in stock.
1966-67 Chevrolet Chevelle/ElCamino outer wheelhouse LH -4031-675-66L
1966-67 Chevrolet Malibu wheel arch RH -Tabco 54052R
1966-67 Chevrolet Malibu wheel arch RH -56052R Scratches.
1966-67 Chevrolet Nova rear bumper -This bumper was replated and not hung. But it has been in storage and it has surface rust inside. Tiny spots of rust across the face and some small scratches.
1966-67 Chevrolet Nova wheel arch LH -Tabco 53952L
1966-67 Chevrolet Nova wheel arch RH -Tabco 53952R
1966-67 Chevy rear deck filler panel -Goodmark 4011-710-66
1967 Buick Lesabre 2 dr ht side trim -There is damage to 2 of the wheel lip mouldings. Someone drilled holes and used  phillps screw to attach some pieces. Some red overspray.
1967 Buick Lesabre taillight assy pair -Pits bezels one cracked. Inside cracking lenses
1967 Chev headlight bezels - 3 -Fading, scratches
1967 Chevrolet Belair 2 d sedan trunk lid -No rustout. Rough surface
1967 Chevrolet door handle -
1967 Chevrolet Impala owners manual -Outer cover in rough shape
1967 Chevrolet Impala taillight assyLight pitting in bezels. Back lens has a 1/4 inch crack. Marked L and R.
1967 Chevrolet Impala/Belair/Biscayne PRNDL collar blue -Some fading
1967 Chevrolet Impala/Belair/Biscayne PRNDL collar gold -Some fading
1967 Chevy Belair 2 D sedan trunk lid -Surface rust resandable
1967 Ford Custom fender PASS WHT -This fender came from Kansas, it's a pretty dry fender, some surface rust but no rustout.
1967 Ford F150 taillight L -
1967 Ford flipper door handles set of 4 -
1967 Ford Galaxie headlight bucket LSurface rust.
1967 Ford Galaxie horn pad and ringRing good cond. PN C7AA-13A800B (ring). hub some blistering on the side, ring has paint fade
1967 Ford LTD front fender trim RF -Paint fade light marks, small dent
1967 Ford LTD XL grille -Pitting, no cracks
1967 Ford Thunderbird wheel cover -Decent, not perfect. The usual nicks and scratches
1967 Pontiac conv top motor -Rochester 50444611 Not tested found 11/18
1967-68 Chevrolet Camaro Firebird floor panel patch -American Designer Inc  PN C126R
1967-68 Chevrolet Camaro Firebird floor panel patch -American Designer Inc  PN C126R
1967-68 Chevrolet Camaro Firebird floor panel patch -American Designer Inc  PN C126R surface rust
1967-68 Chevrolet Camaro Firebird floor panel patch -American Designer Inc  PN C126R
1967-68 Chevrolet Camaro firebird fuel tank brace -4020-745-67 4 in stock
1967-68 Chevrolet Camaro fuel tank brace -4020-745-67 695-76A 4 in stock
1967-68 GM F body inner fender brace LH -Goodmark 4020-352-67L
1967-69 Chevrolet Camaro floor to firewall panel -New Goodmark 4020-515-67R 4 in stock
1967-69 Chevrolet Camaro inner rocker panel RHGoodmark 4020-460-671R 
1967-69 Chevrolet Camaro rocker panel LH -Fit-rite 0802-103
1967-69 Chevy Camaro rocker panel RHGoodmark number 4020-470-67R
1967-72 Chevy truck qtr skin rear LH -2 in stock . Ding in one
1967-72 Chevy truck rear qtr skin LH -2 in stock.
1968 Chevrolet Camaro rear bumper -Verify. Light marks along the front. Surface rust inside. Surface rust around lower bolt holes.
1968 Chevrolet Impala steering wheel center -PN 9748912 Paint flaking off center
1968 Chevrolet Malibu rear bumper w bkp lites -Scratches on driver end. Dent in right corner of lpa. Left backup lens cracked.
1968 Chevy 327 emblem -Posts broken off
1968 Chevy B/B/I taillight lenses set -Onr tl and 1 bu have edges broken off
1968 Chevy Malibu front bumper bracketsRusty and scaly
1968 Dodge Coronet taillight assembly passenger side -Lenses in good condition, not scratched or cracked. Some pitting in the bezel. Part number 2853 054 SAE STDBR 68W (R) 2 in stock
1968 Dodge rear taillights and panel -Pitting in the fins
1968 Ford A pillar trim pass side -
1968 Ford accelerator pedal -
1968 Ford cowl vent -
1968 Ford full size qtr skins rear lower RH -Surface rust
1968 Ford G/C/L A pillar cap LH -lt mks pits
1968 Ford G/C/L A pillar cap RH -lt pits mks
1968 Ford Galaxie custom turn signal assy damagedSome pitting. Scrape bottom left and center. Crack in lens. Trim edge on side that fits to the fender is cracked and needs straightened. PN C8AB-13216-B
1968 Ford Galaxie front bumper filler panelSurface rust no dents
1968 Ford Galaxie trunk trim ends -
1968 Ford Galaxie turn signal assy driverSome pitting. Scrape bottom left. Small crack in the lens at the bottom screw hole PN C8AB-13216-B
1968 Ford Galaxie windshield cowlSurface rust 
1968 Ford Galaxie/LTD/Custom wheel covers pair 15" -Some dings and scratches
1968 ford hubcap -some dents
1968 Ford LTD vacuum door actuator -
1968 Ford retractable seat belt pair -Branded as Hamill RCF 300. One buckle has 2180 one has 2200 stamped on it.
1968 Ford splash panel -Surface rust
1968 Ford XL badge -Lt pitting
1968 Pontiac Firebird frt fender extn LH -GM1243107
1968 VW Fastback Squareback turn signal assy pair -Inside cracking in the lenses. some pitting in chrome MBL PO86 6V18W21/3cp
1968-69 Chevrolet Camaro shock tower patch -Goodmark 4020-723-68L
1968-69 Ford Fairlane fender trim driver sideGood cond no dents pitting
1968-72 Chevrolet Chevelle fuel tank straps -4032-749-68P 3 in stock
1968-72 Chevrolet Chevelle fuel tank straps -Goodmark PN 403274968 2pc
1968-72 Chevrolet Malibu wheel arch panel RH -Tabco 56152R 2 in stock
1968-72 GM A body (Malibu) floor panel brace rearScratches. Goodmark 4032-517-68
1968-72 GM A body fuel tank brace LH RH -Goodmark 4032-745-68 4 in stock
1968-72 GM A body fuel tank brace LH RH -Surface rust. Tabco  56174 U 2 in stock
1968-72 GM A body gas tank brace -GM3909101 2 in stock
1969 Chevrolet Camaro Firebird gas tank brace pair -Goodmark 4020-745-69L and r
1969 Chevrolet Camaro rear bumper -Light damage around passenger bracket area. Scratches.
1969 Chevrolet Camaro trunk floor extension -New Goodmark 4020-728-69R
1969 Chevrolet Camaro trunk floor extension LH -Goodmark 4020-728-69L
1969 Chevrolet Camaro trunk floor extension RH -Goodmark 4020-728-69R
1969 Chevrolet Impala lower grille section -no cracks some green overspray
1969 Chevrolet Malibu rear bumper -With brackets and license plate frame. Fading, marks and scratches. Dent driver side end and one 9" from driver end.
1969 Chevrolet Malibu/Chevelle rear bumperThe bumper is straight but there is a golf-ball-size dent about 10 inches from the end on the driver side. There are two holes drilled in the bumper
1969 Chevy Corvair rear trimLight marks and pitting. One ding.
1969 Ford Fairlane passenger turn signal lens RHNo cracks SAE PDP1 68FE TOP
1969 Ford Fairlane taillight assemblies pair -One has a small inside crack in the backup lens, otherwise  no cracks.
1969 Ford Galaxie Custom taillight assy -Lens not cracked, pitting in the chrome trim star. SAE-TSDBR-69FD
1969 Ford horn pad black -
1969 Ford LTD wheel arch trim LH -Driver side front and rear. A few nicks.
1969 Ford Mustang grille emblem -Paint faded. Some pitting. C9ZB-8B369-B
1969 Ford wagon taillight lens -Lens shines good, no cracks, just some marks. SAE TSDBA69CMY
1969 Mercury Monterey taillight assy RH -SAE-TSDBR-69MY
1969 Plymouth Fury headlight bezel driver side -Light marks and pitting. Background paint still good.
1969 Plymouth Fury I and II taillight assembly driver side -This came off of a 69 Fury II so it is the single taillight assembly. Good shape for age. No cracks.
1969 Plymouth Fury I and II taillight assembly passenger side -this came off of a 69 Fury II so it is the single taillight assembly. Good shape for age. No cracks.
1969 Plymouth Fury I, II and III and Suburban wagon headlight bezel driver side -Good condition for age. Some light pitting. This came off of a '69 Fury II.
1969 Plymouth Fury wheel cover 15" -Decent, not perfect. Some dings and marks. Paint has faded out.
1969 Plymouth Valiant window crank -Fair condition, some weathering in the vinyl. Should work with most of the Chrysler family of that year. pn 2862396
1969 Pontiac Catalina front bumper -Surface rust on inside areas. Crease.dent on both ends. May nt be saleable
1969 Pontiac Firebird rear bumper -verify. Dents by both bumper holes. Deep scratch 12" left of center on top.  Surface rust and chrome peel inside. 12A6J Core quality.
1969-70 Ford Mustang front bumper -Chrome chipped out of nose. Small dent 16" roc. Lt pitting and scratches. Core quality. Verify year
1970 Chevrolet Impala license plate bracket front -Needs refinished
1970 Chevrolet Nova taillight assy RH -Marks and scratches on the bezel.
1970 Chevrolet Nova taillights pair -Marks and scratches on the bezel.
1970 Chevrolet Nova turn signal lenses -
1970 Ford Galaxie door panels 2dr set -Rear have water damage some warping
1970 Ford horn hub green -
1970 Ford horn pad dk grn -
1970 Ford LTD Brougham badge and crest -Guessing year as 70. PN on crest C9AB-63517A58 A
1970 Ford LTD rear trim panel -This came off a 1970 LTD. Some light pitting and fade that you would expect for a part this age.
1970 Ford LTD wheel covers pair -
1970 Ford steering wheel horn pad blueSome fading. D0AA-3E662-2
1970 Ford Thunderbird rear trim -Marks and scratches. Small dent 16: from right
1970 Ford Torino Ranchero turn signal assy RH -SAE-PI-70R
1970 Ford trk taillights pair -
1970 Ford turn signal assy pair -
1970 Mercury Coment horn pad -Some fade, some warping on the ends but not bad. Has not come apart. PN D0AA-3E662-BW - used on other Fords
1970 Mercury Comet headlight bezel RH -Average condition. Dent on the bottom edge where it sits behind the bumper.
1970 Mercury Comet turn signal lenses with bezels.Lenses not cracked. Light pitting in the bezels, not bad. Black paint has faded and flecked off.
1970 Pontiac Bonneville grilles pair -Some pitting, chrome loss. One has damage in the upper right corner
1970 Pontiac side marker lights rearNo cracks. 2 layers of paint. GUIDE 22A SAE P1A70 PN 9565156
1970 Pontiac Trans Am passenger mirrorMirror intact. Layers of paint. No door bracket
1970-1973 Ford Maverick wheel covers set -Some pitting and dings but over all very good shape
1970-71 Ford Torino Ranchero a pillar cap RH -pits mks
1970-71 Ford Torino Ranchero A pillar trim RH -lt mks pitting
1970-71 Ford Torino Ranchero A pillar trim RH -lt mks pitting spotting
1970-72 Chevrolet Chevelle ElCamino bumper filler -Goodmark 4033-150-70
1970-81 Chevrolet Camaro rocker panel LH -New Goodmark taiwan 4021-470-70L 2 in stock
1970-81 Pontiac Firebird door skin LH -New. Scratches fr storage
1970s Chevy Rally wheel center cap -this is a plastic cap. Showing some wear. Marks and scratches. Some blistering in the center. Hard to find. So many of these fell off in the 70s and 80s
1970s Chrysler fender mount TS -
1970s Chrysler product bumper id -Replate # OL2917. Worst is bubble rust driverr end top. Light marks and scratches.
1970s Ford dog dish hub cap with crest pair -Some dings and dents. These caps were used on Fords in the 70s. Ones with the center crest are rare
1970s Ford driver side racing mirror -
1970s Ford horn pad tan -Ok, missing center piece
1970s Ford hubcap w crest - 2 in stock
1970s Ford racing mirror w remote -paint faded passenger side
1970s Pontiac Trans Am floor shifterRough shape. Bezel broken
1971 Cadillac front bumper center -Verify year model. Some scratches
1971 Chevrolet Malibu front bumper -This came off a 1971 Malibu 4 door. No big dents but there are various scratches along the front and light pitting. Pass side bolt hole is bent on bottom
1971 Chevrolet Malibu front bumper -Pitting/spots pass end under h/l area lt marks, never been hung
1971 Chevrolet Nova owners manual -Outer cover in rough shape
1971 Chevrolet Nova taillights pair -
1971 Chevy Nova grilleFins are straight. A couple of screw holes broken at bottom.
1971 Chevy Nova grille -This is from a 71 4 door. The teeth are there but the bottom edge will need some gentle straightening.
1971 Ford letters -Guessing 1971
1971 Ford Ranchero A pillar trim -
1971 Oldsmobile steering wheel -Came from a 98. Cracks at 12, 3, 9 and 7 oclock. Trim insert is broken and falling out.
1971-2 Chevrolet Malibu rear bumper -Near complete, brackets, lights taillights ready to hang
1971-72 Chevrolet Malibu rear bumper -No taillight lenses but has the brackets. Light nicks marks and scratches.
1971-72 Chevrolet Malibu/Chevelle front bumper -This came off a 1971 Malibu 4 door. No big dents but there are various scratches along the front and light pitting.
1972  Chevrolet Nova floor pan RH -new nv37A12
1972 Ford Galaxie driver side taillight -
1972 Ford Galaxie owners manual -Decent shape considering its age. A little worn around the edges. There is some handwriting on page 43. The owner section on the back page has been filled out.
1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport LF wheel trim -Dent in back by the dogleg. Scratches
1972 Ford Gran Torino trim piece -Road tar. Ding 4" up from dog house
1972 Ford LTD letters -very little pitting
1972 Ford Ranchero taillight lens LH -
1972 Ford Torino non fishmouth front bumper -light scratches. New or rechrome
1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass taillight lenses upper -
1972 Plymouth Valiant side marker lights set -Silver paint faded
1972 VW Beetle turn signal capsNot sure of year. Hella SAE1APP169 SMRBLPo366. Some inside cracking in the lenses. One has  slight dimple from over tightening.
1973 AMC Matador 4D front bumper -Sticker residue/discolor. Lower corners, sm creases(casting) outward dimple 10" fr pass end
1973 AMC Matador 4D upper trim -Brkt bent dr side bezel. Lt pitting dr side top. Slight strees crk where bolted together
1973 Chevrolet Camaro front bumper -Never been hung. Scratches, marks top bottom.
1973 Chevrolet Camaro rear bumper -Lt marks top bot. Never hung
1973 Chevrolet Impala headlight bezel LH -
1973 Chevrolet Nova turn signals pair -
1973 Dodge Coronet/Charger owners manual -Good shape still in plastic
1973 Ford Gran Torino Grille emblem -stub broke off. Cracking and fading in the plastic. PN D30B-8216-BB
1973 Ford Mustang collar trim -
1973 Ford Ranchero door sill plate Came from pass side One dent. pitting
1973 Ford Ranchero headlight bezels pairLight pitting. D30B-13052-AA  AND 13064
1973 Ford truck taillight lens LH -lt MARKS
1973 Plymouth Fury/Suburban grille -Some fade and pitting. All the teeth are there
1973 VW Beetle turn signal RH -Chrome in good shape no cracks
1973-1974 Chevrolet Nova bowtie -This is the bowtie that goes in the center of the grille in the 1973-1974 Nova. There is some pitting and the center part has bubbled
1973-77 Chevrolet Elcamino RR quarter partial patch -Surface rust
1973-77 Chevrolet Malibu El Camino rear patch panel RH -Surface rust
1973-77 Chevrolet Malibu rear quarter lower extension -LH other RH 55-73-58-LH
1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo grille -Grille is in good shape, no teeth missing. Some light pitting on the chrome. GM part number is P-338599
1974 Ford LTD turn signal assy pair -
1974 Ford Torino bezels -pitting
1974 Ford Torino Elite headlight bezels pairPitting on the inside pn D4EB-13045-AB
1974-76 Mercury Cougar front bumper fillers -Paint peeling Part # D4GB-17777-AWB (L) D4GB-17776-AWB ®
1974-76 Mercury Cougar rear bumper filler -Paint is scaly and needs to be stripped. Rubber is stilll piable
1975 Chevrolet horn pad black -PN 9754734 4-1 Fading in the wood grain inset
1975 Chevrolet Nova bumper fillers L and R -
1975 Chevrolet Nova headlight bezel driver side -There is some pitting on the bezel. The black paint has faded
1975 Chevrolet Nova turn signal lenses -Each one has a small chip bottom edge
1975 Ford Elite front bumper -Rechrome. Scratches from storage.
1975 Ford Elite front bumper -Replate get measurementss from sold bumper
1975 Ford Elite turn signal assy LH -dent top edge rt of ctr  pitting on bezel
1975 Ford Elite turn signal assy RH -pitting on bezel
1975 Ford Torino headlight bezels pair -Some light pitting on the chrome
1975 Plymouth Valiant rear panel -There are scratches and pitting along this panel. The paint inset has faded
1976 Chevrolet Camaro bezels black -
1976 Ford Torino grille -Center rib chrome missing. RH lower tab broke. Top center crack. 3 cracks on bottom. Tab broke off 4" ROC All the top tabs have breaks except one. PN D40B-8150-AA
1976 Ford Torino headlight assembly driver side -This came from a 1976 Torino in Texas. It's the same part from 1974-1976 but always check. Some paint fade, some surface rust, some scratches but a workable piece
1976 Ford Torino upper front header panel -This came from a 1976 Torino in Texas. It's the same panel from 1974-1976 but always check. Some paint fade, some surface rust, some scratches but a workable panel. 
1976 Plymouth Volare bezels -
1976 Plymouth Volare hood trim -Some pitting and dings.
1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo license plate frame -Lots of surface rust.
1977 Chevy Malibu bumper filler ends -Goes with 77 malibu bumper. Rubber still soft.
1977 Pontiac Gran Prix 2 pc grille -
1977 Pontiac Trans AM turn signal bezels pairSome pitting. PN 499855
1979 Chevy El Camino rear window trim -Fading dings and scratches. There is a gouge on the lower right corner piece. A hole in the lower left corner piece.
1979 Chevy Elcamino tailgate trim -Some scratches. Goes on the top side of gate.
1979 Ford Mustang front side marker light RH -D9ZB 15A428C No cracks
1979 Plymouth Volare bumper end fillers tan -Still soft
1981-87 Ford Crown vic front bumper (152) -New replated
1981-87 Ford Crown vic front bumper (154) -New replated
1981-87 Pontiac Gran Prix front bumper -Rechrome like new.
1984-1991 BMW 3 Series 318/325 front bumper fillers -Some light marks and fading. No cracks. Came from a 1987 325
1984-1991 BMW 3 Series grille set -Some light marks and pitting. No cracks. Came from a 1984 318
1987 Chevrolet Caprice turn signal lens LH -
1987 Volvo 740 taillight  assy LH -cibie 31925 on circuit ribbon
1988 Chrysler LeBaron rear bumper -Rechrome
1988-91 Ford Crown Vic front bumper (143) -New replated
1988-91 Ford Crown Vic front bumper (144) -New replated
1988-91 Ford Crown Vic front bumper (151) -New replated
1989 BMW 535 dash cluster -untested
198x BMW 320 turn signal lenses pair -
198x BMW E30  e-brake boot -
198x BMW E30  overhead light panel -
198x BMW E30 13 button control -
1992 BMW 325/E36 fascia bar and grilles -Some paint fade
1992 Ford Taurus SHO Caps 4 -
1992-5 Ford SHO caps pair -
1992-5 Ford SHO fog light -
1992-5 Ford SHO foglights pr -
1992-95 Ford SHO dash emblem -
1993 BMW 325 turn signal assy LH -
1993 Ford Tbird turn signal assy RH -Clear, light pitting
1993-95 Volvo 850 headlight assy driver side -
1993-95 Volvo 850 headlight assy LH -Bulbs not tested
1994 Volvo 850? turn signal assy RH -no cracks
1994-97 Dodge truck turn signal assembly -Lens is clear, some light pitting but no cracks. Part number KS-CS023
1995 Mercury Cougar emblems -
1995-1997 Volvo 960 grille -Average condition. Light pitting in the chrome
1996 Ford Thunderbird turn signal lens LH -faded not cracked
1996-7 Ford Thunderbird turn signal assy driver side -light pitting. Lens clear.
1997 Dodge truck turn signal assy LH -clear
1997 Ford Tbird grille -white overspray on edges
1998 Ford Mustang headlight L -Clear, light pitting
1998 Ford Mustang headlight R -Clear, light pitting
1999 Volvo S70 headlight assy LH -Good other pn 05210714
1999 Volvo S70 Turn signal assy RH -
199x Ford SHO ECM -
2000x PT Cruiser mirror RH -with remote (cable)
9999 ***Identify poss 60s GM rear bumper 148Sm dent 18” fr dr side top edge. Some pitting. Marks scratches along face. OEM (blue wrap)
9999 Volvo 740 TL assy LH -cibie
9999 Volvo 850 h/l lens LH 2 lite -
9999 Volvo 850 ts assy RH -no cracks
9999 Volvo 850 ts assy RH -no cracks
9999 Volvo S70 TS LH -Light pitting SAE # AI2PP2 95
9999 Volvo S70 turn signal lens LH -Light pitting
9999 Volvo SV70 headlight lens RH -LT PITTING
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